Hello fellow craft lovers and crocheters!
My name is Dayna McWatters, and I am the creative crochet mama behind Madison Day Crochet.

I am a 25 year-old wife and mother of a 3 1/2-year-old daughter (Regina)  and almost 2-year-old son (Peter). We are expecting our third child in May 2019! I have been married to my husband, Cameron for 5 years and have been by his side for 7. We are both on fire for the Lord and seek Him first in all that we do.

I discovered my love for crochet when I was 19 years old. My very crafty Nana showed me the basics and from then on I’ve self taught and developed my skills up until now, and still continuing to grow that gift. I’ve been crocheting since Thanksgiving of 2012. Funny story, I was attending bible college at CCBC in SoCal and I saw a friend of mine crocheting in class. I went back home for Thanksgiving break and asked my Nana (who I get my crafting gene from) if she would show me how to do it. So she taught me the basics and then my obsession grew from there.

I love Disney, Disneyland was my second home growing up in Southern California so I do draw a lot of inspiration from Disney movies. I am always looking for unique ways to incorporate a Disney character/movie into various different projects but without it being too obvious.

If I had to pick one type of project I love to make it would be blankets even though they take me forever to make 😂 but I love designing headbands and cowls for my little girl. Other crafts I love to do are latch hooks and punch needling. Other hobbies I love are reading and playing video games with my husband.

I hope to get an Etsy store up and running and also shoot some tutorial videos. Writing was a huge part of my high school life so I am very excited to be sharing my crochet/mom life adventure with you all via this blog that my amazing husband helped me put together. I hope you all join me

Happy Crocheting!! ❤