2019 – The Year of Giving

Every New Year’s Eve, we all reflect on the past year and pick things in our lives to re-evaluate and change for the upcoming year. Similarly, I did this when it came to my love for crochet. What was I missing? What was my goal with my craft? How could I use this gift to please the Lord and help others?

As I continued to reflect on this, I began to look at what I have done with my crafting skills: I’ve tried selling and have made gifts for loved ones and friends. But one thing I have never done, as embarrassing as it is to admit this, was donation. I can’t think of one thing I have created in the past 6 years I’ve crocheted that I’ve donated or specifically made for a cause.

Immediately the Lord convicted my heart and made it blatantly clear that this was my goal for 2019. I needed to give back and give to others in need. Really I just need to work better in my gift giving abilities.

So 2019 is going to be known as the Year of Giving for Madison Day Crochet. I am so excited for this change in direction and focusing on blessing others and hopefully making some new friends along the way. I have several things on my calendar that I will be participating in but if you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

Stay tuned for:
~ my first Fibreshare participation
~My first Warm Up America Challenge.

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