Becoming Comfortable with Me


I’ve had some bummer days
But I ain’t lookin’ back
I’ve made a few mistakes
But I’m on the right track

I got somewhere to be
Gotta hurry so I’ll make
My date with destiny
‘Cause I don’t wanna be late
Here we go

~Owl City, Winners Don’t Quit


I love creating things. That is very obvious from how many things I have crocheted in the past 6 years! But what I love the most is creating something from someone’s design. 

I’ve come to realize that a lot of the “big time” makers in the maker community are designers. They spend their time blogging and constantly designing new items and garments for us crocheters/knitters to create. For a while I thought this was the only way for you to really get “big” in this community. 

When it comes to designing, I’ve definitely done my share but it’s not something that just happens all the time. Honestly, if I really think about it, it only comes to me out of the blue or if I am super inspired by something. If I count how many times that has happened to me, it hasn’t been a lot in a six-year span. 

I’ve even tried to FORCE myself to design and, let’s be honest, I’ve gotten no results from forcing me to do something that I am just not meant to do. This feeling of not wanting to design naturally really discouraged me for awhile and I began to feel like a failure in the maker community. Do I even belong here? How can I fit in with these wonderful people who spend their lives and passion designing beautiful things? 

Then it hit me: I DO NOT HAVE TO DESIGN and this is OK. I love creating other people’s designs and I love feeling confident that I can make them, even if I didn’t “design” it. A great example is the Penelope Dress by Ashleigh from Sewrella, pictured below. This was my first ever garment I crocheted and I MADE it! No I didn’t “design” it, but I turned yarn into a dress and that was seriously the best feeling I have every felt!

Penelope Dress by Sewrella

And check out all these other creations I’ve made by amazingly talented designers!!

Bay View Beanie designed by Bella Vista knits
Moss Stitch Shawl by Repeat Crafter Me
Crosswave Beanie by Hooked Up Crochet

All I am saying is this: don’t get lost in seeing what others are doing and do what YOU love and what motivates YOU! I constantly have to relearn this lesson because I get so caught up in what others are succeeding in and I become stagnant and don’t want to do anything. But then I realize I’m worth exploring my own nitch in this maker community and I plan to spend 2019 doing just that. I’m going to find out for myself what I can give to this community and I hope you join me on this journey. Thanks for reading and until next time, keep on creating ❤

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