Bernat Blanket Yarn

How in my right mind, did I decide to make a HEAVY blanket in the middle of summer and survive???

Bernat Blanket yarn was pretty popular in the crochet community I wanna say some time last year, and I loved all the projects I saw being made with it. Of course, being a stay at home mom and having a tight budget with taking care of two babes, I don’t like spending a lot of extra money on yarn so I just vicariously lived through other crocheters and their creativity with this beautiful bulky yarn.

Then a friend of mine from my crochet group I meet up with once a week brought two (yes TWO) bags full of yarn that she was looking to get rid of, containing these 5 colors in Bernat Blanket. When it comes to free yarn, I always jump on the opportunity to take some home though the look on my husband’s face was also pretty entertaining. I was sooooo excited to get my hands on these yarns that I instantly grabbed my hook (not even acknowledging the fact I had 3 other projects to work on already) and started to play with one of the colors. For some reason I had thought it was going to work exactly like other bulky yarn I had used before (ex. Bernat Softee Chunky yarn) and I quickly learned that it wasn’t.

Here are a few things I learned about Bernat Blanket yarn that I didn’t think about prior to working with it:

1. It was NOT acrylic

I know this sounds extremely silly and some of you are probably thinking, “Well, duh, how did you not know that??” Like I had mentioned earlier, I had never worked with this yarn OR even looked at the labeling while shopping for other yarn. I am very unfamiliar with a lot of types of fibers when it comes to yarn and I was extremely fascinated by the fact that this yarn was 100% polyester.

2. At first, it was EXTREMELY hard to crochet with

How I usually determine what size crochet hook to use with a new yarn is to go by the label recommendation. In this case, it was size L. Usually the recommendation is on point and I have no issue crocheting with said crochet hook, however, I was having a REALLY hard time with it. The tension just seemed too tight that my hand would start cramping after crocheting only 3 stitches. And I was planning to make a blanket out of this? There was no way that was going to happen at the rate I was going. So I moved up to an N hook, two sizes up and I was still having the same issues. Finally, I tried my P hook. At first, the stitches seemed more loose than I would’ve liked so I had to adjust my tension. I was still struggling a little bit in the beginning, but once I got the hang of using the bulky yarn, I found myself in a groove and it gradually got better and easier to crochet.

3. You need a LOT of yarn to make a decent size blanket

Cameron likes to remind me every time he reaches for this blanket that he wished it was bigger. I used one ball of every color pictured because that was all I had. I knew that this really was just a “practice” project. I wasn’t making it for anyone in particular or had a specific purpose for it.

I literally just grabbed the colors, attempted at several stitches, and once I found one I liked, I just went with it. I guess I should’ve taken my husband into consideration when it came to the size of it because he has fallen in love with this blanket. If you look at the photo of my child below you can see how “small” it really is:

 I know now what I will be making Cameron for Christmas 😛

Anyway, my overall opinion on this extra squishy blanket yarn is this: I love it, I just need to preplan my project a little better. And now at least I know what adjustments I personally needed to make to work with it. Looking forward to using this yarn again in the future!!

I’ll end with this adorable photo of my son because why not ^^

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