Modern Granny Square Baby Blanket

These three skeins of yarn have been staring at me for months. They were leftover from a blanket I had made for my niece almost 4 years ago, and that’s basically the last time I have worked with Caron Simply Soft yarn.

Something about the texture of the yarn didn’t seem “soft” to me and I didn’t like the way it glided on and off my crochet hook. There were even times while I was working with it, it would unravel in fuzzies and it gave the finished look a shedding appeal.

Long story short: I came to despise Caron Simply Soft.

Every since I challenged myself to make do with the yarn currently in my stash, my caron yarn has started to mock me. For months , I’ve been staring at this yarn wondering how in the world would I get past my problems I had with it so I can get it out of my shelf. I began looking for a pattern that would jump out at me, and help the yarn have a professional finished look. (everyone I see that uses this yarn always had a wonderful finished look and I often wondered why my projects never looked that way.)

After viewing a numerous amount of patterns, I came across Daisy Farm Craft’s modern granny stripe pattern. It was simple, looked amazing, AND I had enough yarn to actually complete the project. Added bonus: she had used Caron Simply Soft for this pattern.

Modern Granny

So here it is: finished in all it’s glory!

Tiffany, the wonderful creator behind Daisy Farm Crafts, loved my take on her project so much that she featured me on her instagram page :O I was so surprised and super thankful and humble that she shared my work!

This was a fun, quick project and it helped me come to appreciate Caron simply Soft again looking forward to making this blanket again!

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