Iron Man Corner to Corner Blanket

My greatest crochet ideas for presents always seem to come to me 2 weeks before Christmas, which is an impossible time frame for me to complete a present (especially one that takes an extreme amount of work).  But I didn’t let that little detail stop me from creating a masterpiece!

My 7-year-old cousin, Troy, is obsessed with Iron Man. I had come across a pattern a few months back that was an Iron Man blanket and thought that would be the perfect gift for him. The pattern was a bit pricey but I was willing to pay the price to give Troy a fantastic Christmas present.


The more I mulled it over before purchasing, the more I thought about just trying to create my own. Thus began my search for inspiration.

I don’t know what quite sparked me to look for an “Iron Man Graph” on Pinterest but that was my first step and it wasn’t hard to find. You can find it here. Then I had to make sure I actually had yarn for this project and luckily I had a few Red Heart Gold skeins lying around. I also had this Red Heart Ranch Red which I had bought three years ago for a previous project I had done. It was probably 1/2-3/4 of a skein but assuming there was more Gold than Red on the graph, I had no worries about running out of yarn.

I originally was going to follow the graph by using single crochets but I didn’t like how it looked when I started switching from Gold to Red. So, I decided to try the Corner to Corner method, which is a very popular method when using block graphs.

Let’s just say I made the right decision, but I definitely had my work cut out for me. At one point, I think I had about 7 balls of yarn I had to juggle around so I could only work on it at the kitchen table or on the floor.

Iron man progress instagram.jpg

This is how close I was to finishing him when I ran out of the Ranch Red. Now I was unaware up to this point that apparently this shade of Red Heart red was discontinued. I have no idea when it was officially discontinued but I looked EVERYWHERE for about a week, hoping I could find some crazy yarn hoarder that had this yarn stashed away. But alas I could not find it anywhere 😥 all hope was lost and I was about ready to give up and just start all over….

Then Vanna White saved me…
My savior Vanna White

I decided when I had to make a trip to Michaels for some yarn for another project, I would just look to see if I could find SOMETHING relatively close to this Ranch Red that haunted my dreams. And there it was, the Cranberry red from the Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand line was my savior.  Granted, when I had started where I left off in the project, you could see the Cranberry was just a tad darker than the Ranch Red. But at this point I didn’t care, and I knew Troy wouldn’t have cared either.

And so, Iron man was finally completed and I am just overflowing with joy!!! And now I’ve learned my lesson: Pay attention to the colors you choose for a project and make sure you can still purchase it if you so happen to run out before said project is complete.

Iron man finished


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